Brace Yourself For Impact.

I bet you’re thinking “Le Reina“, what on earth does that mean? Well it simply means “The Queen”. I and my best friend were fooling around and searching for names to capture the vision which I have for my brand and after long periods of brainstorming (me yelling weird names at the top of my voice and my BFF saying no) we came up with Le Reina. Yes! What other word captures elegance, eloquence, and charisma like the word “Queen”.

My blog is about bringing women together to a happy place and providing superior content on lifestyle, food and fashion like the planet has never seen. You have the opportunity to see the world through my eyes and experience the whirlwind romance I have with life. This is about us Queens steadying the crowns on our heads or reclaiming the crowns stolen from us.

Join me on this journey, Enjoy.

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Le Reina

My name is Esther, Queen Esther. I am a Nigerian psychologist navigating blindly through this tornado called life. The words best used to describe me are witty, pretty, chubby and bubbly. Welcome to my blog.

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