Trying Amala For The First Time, ratatata…

I am very Igbo. I even pronounce slippers as sil-pas and America as e-merica haha. Trying out Amala is actually a big deal for me. My Yoruba friends swear on their mother’s head that amala is the best thing to happen to Nigeria since slice bread, oh well, we’ll see about that. It’s not that I haven’t been offered the meal but I couldn’t just bring myself to eat it. First of all I eat with my eyes and amala (if we are being honest) is not aesthetically pleasing (don’t drag me).

In the spirit of coming out of my comfort zone, I headed down to mama ope to try amala. The place is quite pretty and the waiters were super nice (surprisingly).

They finally brought the food (the amala and ewedu in separate plates). I bought one portion (even though I’m a perpetual foodie), I didn’t want to waste food in case everything went south.

From the prior research I did, you have to put the amala in the ewedu so that they can get married. I did that and then I took my first bite (or swallow technically):

Texture: it had a weird but smooth texture, soft all through and easy to swallow. The Amala was served piping hot and I’m sure that contributed to the smooth texture.

Taste: The amala had no distinct taste (I was very surprised!)

Spices: The amala itself had no additional spices. The ewedu was runny and slimy and it was overpowered by the stew(no taste, you can just feel it texture wise). The stew had pepper (trust Yoruba people), salt, seasoning cubes, curry.

Complexity: Zero complexity in respect to the variety of flavours in the food. A good cook doesn’t go for just one flavour, they go for a nuanced, unique taste to their food. Amala and ewedu didn’t have that (I apologise haha).

The experience wasn’t so nerve-racking. I even enjoyed myself a little bit.


leave a comment, what do you like most about amala?

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