It really is a new year and it is definitely a new year to increase your style quotient (yes, that’s a real thing). I think being stylish and fashionable comes from the inside. You can have jaw-dropping ideas but zero resources to execute them. Well, if you feel that way too then do not be discouraged. Help is on the way! But if you’re typically the boring dresser that puts in no thought and soul into your outfits then maybe I can help you.

In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about my personal fave,


Sunglasses or sun glasses (informally called shades) are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Those are the primary functions but nowadays their functions have evolved.

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”. if those windows are closed, they give this detached, invulnerable feeling that comes off as cool and edgy (bad guy). if you need this, then the perfect fit is good ol’ black shades.

Where are my stylish super-feminine Queens?!!! This category is for you. You can add a dash of I-came-to-slay vibes with the following sunglasses designs!

sunglasses with pseudo-animal skin prints have and will always be stylish!
Go off on them with different colors of shades because you can!

This next category is for the alte kids in the house (shout-out to Naiwo). Lol its 2020, you guys should know what alte means. I love them because of how they make their creativity streaks visible.

i can’t provide more pictures because those alte kids are not predictable. Just know the uglier the shades, the more alte it is.

Okay we have come to the end of this blog post.

Love & Light.

*me trying to form ‘edgy’.

Leave a comment, what are your favorite kind of shades to wear?

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