My mates are getting flowers (flawes) 🎶

Okay this has to be the most hyped Valentine’s day in all my twenty-two years of existing; From a theme song to Valentine’s day surprise packages littered all over social media to incesstant screams of “God when” in this hostel; What’s different? Or maybe I’m feeling this way because it’s probably the first year I’m paying attention to things happening around me.

What is love? How does it work? Is there a master class I can sign up for to learn about this concept? The truth is I haven’t been the luckiest person when it comes to the “L word” and sometimes it feels like there is a huge “play me” written with indelible marker on my forehead because of all the nobodies I’ve been meeting haha. Don’t get me wrong, I am relatively happy with where I am now. It’s just that I get bored sometimes (if you know what I mean).

When I feel myself drifting away in the sea of loneliness, the one thing i hold on to is the fact that romantic love is not only kind of love there is. This generation is gradually losing sight of what it means to truly love with all the fake standards your faves on social media (the ones with doctorate degrees in wokeness) are constantly bringing up. Anyway, I just want to say that there are several ways you can show love, you know, leaving that change for that cab driver, complimenting someone’s outfit, something nice, doesn’t have to be over the top. Putting a smile on someone else’s face is not rocket science.

Don’t get me wrong Queens, romantic love is beautiful (trust me I know), but it’s just one of the categories of love; “a part from a whole”. Everything does not have to revolve around finding and keeping a significant other.

For those with boyfriends, hope you have something planned out to do today? It doesn’t have to always be the guy that takes initiative and does something. You are the Queen sis, go off on him. Boys like to feel loved too.

For the pillow huggers among us (myself included), stand, take a shower, call a random friend (surely you must have someone) and just hang out. yeah you don’t have the love stuff figured out but at the same time you’re not a nun.

Also do something nice for someone you don’t know today.

Enough with all that, what are you guys doing today? This is meant to be an interactive post. I am interested in how you’re feeling. Are you getting flowers (flawes)? Or are you chanting “God when” or commenting “so cute” on every couple’s picture you see? Leave a comment.

Love & Light.

*i already started my own Valentine’s Day yesterday by meeting up with an old friend*

A special thank you to you for taking out time to visit my blog. I loooooveeeeeee you. I’ll be off for two(2) weeks because I have finals coming up. P.s that’s why I look stressed in the above picture.

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Ciao Ciao.

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