An in-depth analysis of the daily activities and the almost monotonous life of a socially disadvantaged 22 year old during the Corona virus lock-down.

Year: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

00:15 am

For as long as I can remember, I always sleep around 9pm and by midnight I’m up (except on days I stuff my stomach like a hippo). The weather is really hot and so I’m drenched in sweat. It has almost become a taboo to run the generator overnight in Dr Oti’s house because of his (my father) obsession with Carbon monoxide emissions and climate change but we all know he’s saving money spent on petrol because he thinks this lock-down will last forever and Armageddon is upon us.

I barely have any clothes on. My blanket is folded neatly at the foot of my bed, infact my whole bed is still the same way it is after laying because if you know me, you’ll know I sleep like I’m scared of sleeping (I’d curl up in one corner of the bed like someone poured me ice water). Tonight is a good night so I’m about to start my night watch (social media surf); say a prayer for my data plan.

5:30 am

I want to catch some sleep before Beyonce from Imo (my mum) comes to wake me up for morning devotion. Morning devotion really involves my mum using us (the kids) as her backup singers to test the range of the pitch of her voice, my dad delivering a personalized sermon on the gory activities of hell fire and the eternal damnation that awaits sinners, my brothers mumbling prayers under their breath like slaves in a cotton field, my sister being the model daughter following all the activities of the morning devotion while I sleep through it all with my head on the armrest of the sofa. Like an inbuilt alarm, I awaken when it’s time to share the grace with my voice being the loudest.

9:00 am

Morning devotion is long gone, some of us went back to sleep after. I can hear some noise; oh it’s my mum complaining about how we don’t want to help her with anything in the house. A bit dramatic seeing that we (I and my sister, my sister mostly) do most of the work while she does the ordering.

Everyone is gathered around her now to find out why she wants to tear the house down with her voice and in that moment the electricity comes on (Nepa brought light) and like well oiled machines, we all fall into the “Nepa” routine; turning on the pumping machine, blending ginger and lemon for my father the tea lover and so on. If you live in a third-world country like me, you will understand the urgency and the pain that comes with not having constant electricity.

12:25 pm.

All the chores are done and I’m about to have breakfast. Breakfast in my house is not a uniform thing; everybody eats whenever. I am watching this Norwegian series called “Ragnarok” and it’s about Norse mythology. Did you know Thor and Loki are from Norse mythology? I always have to watch a movie or read a book while eating; it makes the food more delicious. I feel butterflies whenever I recognize some Norwegian words seeing that I have been learning the language (jeg spøkte ikke med å flytte till Norge)

4:00 pm.

The day has dragged on and I haven’t done anything productive. The Human resources management online class I’m taking, I opened it for 5mins and I dozed off. How do you guys take online classes successfully?

5:53 pm

I got an idea for a food post for my blog but I keep hitting a brick wall everywhere I turn. I am always reminded of all the limitations I have as regards to creating quality content for my blog but I will not give up. This is all part of my success story (LOL). I hope this pandemic ends soon.


I’m following this dance workout on YouTube but it is the most pathetic thing you can ever imagine. I look like I’ve swallowed a steam pill with all the huffing and puffing I’m doing.


I just realized I haven’t replied any messages today. I deserve a medal for how well I can ghost people. It’s really not intentional. Maybe when I have a partner (but how though?) I might change. I will do one last social media surf before I fall asleep. Goodnight.

Love & Light.

Did you enjoy this post? I know it’s not my usual kind.

Leave a comment, any similarities between my daily routine and yours?

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