It was a sunny day in Oslo; birds chirping in the background, people dressed in the littlest of clothes because the long chilly days and dark nights of the winter were finally gone, the almost screechy voices of children playing around in the Birkelunden park filled the air. The happiness in the atmosphere was palpable, even the grass on the field seemed to crunch with the touch of Eden’s feet, but she didn’t care.

“Wait! Stop! You’re walking too fast, you take long strides for a woman” Brandon yelled, he had planned to let her go softly and this wasn’t part of the plan.
“How long?! How long you lying bastard? How long have you been seeing her?” Eden said as she turned around and shot him a salty look, a look that had once caused a quickening in his pants,
“I-i wanted to s-say somethi–”
“Shut your mouth Brandon, you are nothing to me, go!, be with the smart whore if you must, isn’t that it?! Because she’s a lawyer?”
“Don’t call her a whore.”
“Talking back to me are you? You never had the balls to do that when we were together. I’m glad she’s healing your testicular atrophy.”
Brandon took a deep breath and looked at her and knew he would never win in an argument with a strong willed woman like Eden,
“Goodbye Eden, I wish you luck.”
“Get lost boy.” Eden said as she watched him walk away, her heart shattering into a million pieces. She was not about to cry, never, she had forgotten how to. She hadn’t taken up to five steps before she felt a pang in her chest.
“Is this how I die?”
She couldn’t take it anymore; she stopped to catch her breath on a bench in the park as she had been walking so fast for the last half hour.

“Hey are you alright? You look pale.”
Eden opened her eyes, and there standing in the way of the rays of the sun stood the most beautiful woman she had ever seen;
“Hey, hellooo, can you hear me?” the angel said.
“Oh, he-hey, yes, sorry,uhm, yeah.”
“Are you okay? You look like you’re about pass to out.”
“No, no, I’m okay, Just needed to rest a bit, I’m having the worst day.”
The angel, Marissa, as Eden would later find out, sat down beside her,
“You smell so good, you smell like if the Himalayan mountains and raspberries had a love child.”
“Nobody has ever said that to me.”
“Weird, I’m being weird, sorry, mountains and fruits can’t mate obviously, mountains and fruits, m and f, male and female, see what I did there?”
“Uhhhm, I’m sorry what?”
“I’m Eden, Eden Olav.”
“Hello Mrs Olav, I’m Marissa, People call me Rissa and I hate it.”
“Mrs?” Eden shook her head and grinned, “honey, I’m nobody’s wife, at least until an hour ago.”
“Your eyebrows are pretty, what happened to him?”
“He left me for a gap-toothed bimbo, I guess he has always wanted a woman he could control, I gave him five years of my life, and this is what I get.”
“I’m sorry, you seem like a lovely woman.”
“Don’t be sorry, I always knew something like this would happen; Men will be Men, they are only ruled by testosterone.”
“No Eden, your ex-husband was ruled by testosterone, there are good men out there, the ones that’ll whisk you off your feet and take you on boat cruises.”
Eden let out a loud throaty laugh and Marissa couldn’t help wondering who had let go of this little woman with the body of a goddess and so she said,
“Don’t give up on love.”
Eden shook her head and said,
“Chivalry is dead, and so is romance. Love is for a select few of the population.”
Marissa took Eden’s hand in hers, tucked away a stray hair strand behind the ears of the beautiful stranger she just met, leaned in and whispered;
“Come, I’ll show you something different.”
Eden felt a rush of peace, the joining of two unknown souls, the awakening of something new; the lyrics “Sis, your soul mate does not have to be a man” from a song she had heard in passing this morning crossed her mind, and then she knew.


Love & Light.

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