(I am actually the Queen of dramatic titles, you can’t tell me otherwise).

Hello everyone and welcome or velkommen (as the Norwegians say) to my blog. It has been six months since I started (January) and it’s only fair to take out some time and be grateful. If you know me you’ll know I’m so close to inventing my own mental illness; Obsessive compulsive disorder with a dash of pessimism, oh yeah don’t forget the unexplainable lethargy (laziness please dear), a sprinkle of commitment issues and the almost irresistible urge to break things.

I’ll name the disease “Esthereimers” and win a Nobel prize because my behavior is not normal at all. How can one person be inconsistent, talented and crazy at the same time? It’s exhausting.

So about Le Reina Brand, my baby, my first born, I haven’t been the best mother, infact I’ve been the post- partum depressed mother that had almost smothered her child to death in his sleep. I tell myself every time that I disappear from posting on the blog that I’ll change but I haven’t. It took time to realize that this is me, this is my blog, no pressure. I’m doing this because I like to write things; weird things, real things, cool things and I’m good at it (at least you lot think so).

This is a food, lifestyle and Fashion blog but you’ve been seeing just lifestyle posts recently because they are social- distancing friendly because of this whole Corona situation. This post is about my general blogging related experiences and the feedback I’ve gotten since I started, here are some of them:

1. “I didn’t know you could write”:

Lol, I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended when people say this. I always think they’re surprised in a good way but sometimes I hear a mocking undertone.

2. “What does Le Reina mean?”:

It means “The Queen” and you can find out all about the origin in my first blog post. Click here.

3. “Why blogging?, people don’t really read blogs anymore”:

Uhhh, first of all I’m camera shy so YouTube will be hard, weird I know, I can’t seem to be articulate in front of a camera, plus I actually enjoy writing. Everyone’s attention span has reduced greatly (mine included) and so I get why people don’t read blogs anymore. Please read mine though, I insert pictures so you don’t zone out halfway.

4. “You need to be active on social media to have a successful blog”:

Sad but true. Sad because I’m currently not active. I randomly take breaks to do weird things (please don’t ask what). I want to be active but I can’t because I don’t like taking pictures of myself (I always find something wrong) and I don’t want to take pictures that look like I took them in a fog because of the bloody excuse of a phone I use.

My story will change soon and I will come out of my shell. Thank you to everyone that shares the links to my posts, I love you and I see you.

5. “I mean it when I say leave a comment”:

Yes I do. Leaving a comment right here on the blog is way easier than closing your browser and traveling all the way to my WhatsApp inbox. You read something and you thought it was great; say something there and then. Thanks.

6. “To my international readers, I’m honoured”:

One time I had a reader from the Faroe islands and I was completely mind blown because I’d been doing some light reading about countries in the Artic circle.

Thanks for checking out my blog, really, I didn’t expect international readers. I recently started linking the meanings of Nigerian lingo or words you might not understand (they’re always highlighted).

7. “You said you’ll post every Friday but you don’t”:

I actually don’t work well with deadlines. Tilgi meg?

8. “The hardest part about blogging is posting”:

Not the writing or editing or even sharing links is hard. Posting an article is the hardest (especially for a perfectionist). Lol do you know how many articles I’ve trashed last minute?

This post is quite long but bear with me since its my 6 months Bloggiversary ๐ŸŽ‰. Celebrate with me loves (support now or famz later). Cheers to greater things ๐Ÿฅ‚.

Love & Light.

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Le Reina

My name is Esther, Queen Esther. I am a Nigerian psychologist navigating blindly through this tornado called life. The words best used to describe me are witty, pretty, chubby and bubbly. Welcome to my blog.