Today I’ll be giving you my honest review about the Nike (pronounced nee’ke) centre for art and culture. It is located in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and it is a popular tourist destination. I’m not going to be giving you so much facts, you have google for that; this is going to be me letting you borrow my eyes and mind and the emotions I felt when I visited the art center.

I have always loved art particularly the works of Rembrandt van Rign, if I go into details about art history and genres and techniques, I’ll totally geek you out and you’ll close your browser faster than I can say “Michelangelo“.

I’ve been wanting to visit the Nike centre for the longest time. I even tried last week, if you haven’t read how it was a total disaster, click here. On Saturday, 3rd October, I decided to give it another go. I had this elaborate outfit planned out in my head but when it was time for the execution, my arms were looking too “sausagey” and so I decided to stay in the fashion box I created for myself.

On getting to the gallery, you don’t need to pay a single kobo, all you need is a good wrist that won’t make a cracking sound (like mine) when you push open the giant aluminum batik clad entrance door.

There is still corona so before you enter you have to take some measures; either you wash your hands with the makeshift manual tap provided outside or you can use your own hand sanitizer. It’s better you come with your sanitizer though, the makeshift tap is pointless because it’s not automatic, you still have to touch the knob of the tap before and after washing your hands. Now let’s go in!

To be honest, the place smelled like a library, I liked it. To receive guests was a young woman with an accent that sounded Yoruba and pseudo-British at the same time, she showed me a book to write my name and some other details. She also spoke about some rules, she sounded mechanic but I’m sure it’s because she had to repeat it again and again to guests.

The building is a large one, filled from top to bottom with art. It was overwhelming, I was wishing I could be at several places at the same time.

*will it be Nigeria if there is no power outage?*

There were a lot of people there and most of them paid no attention to the art. You know Nigeria is one big circus already and it’s hard for us (Nigerians) to subdue the urge to display the blatant aberrant gimmicks etched in our DNAs and so that’s why in an art gallery you can see people communicating at the top of their voice, eating, touching the art pieces, bringing uncontrollable toddlers, underaged boys with weird hair trying to create mundane conversations with you, Christian grey mini screaming on the phone, uhmmmm I could go on and on but I’ll just stop there. The disrespect for the gallery was too much.

*taking it all in*

Of course I can’t review everything but the following are my best art pieces and the special names I have for them:

1. Fagbo guy:

2. Everything has a partner but you:

3. The ghost of scrappy metal:

4. Nature can see:

5. Gym Body:

Okay let me feed your eyes with some pictures!

I saw the owner of the gallery, Chief Nike, she seemed eccentric and I loved that she was wearing a maxi batik dress with crocs on her feet, crocs! Mind you, she’s probably nothing less than 65 years old and she was so energetic.

I had a lovely time and I’m glad I decided to go to the Nike Centre. I even saw some white people and I had to pinch myself several times and my bestie had to remind me that it’ll be creepy to ask for a photo.

This post is getting long and so I’ll stop here. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications when I post!

Love & Light.


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