Have you ever felt like your mind was so full to maximum capacity and the only way of knowing was your brain exploded with a loud POP! and you got goey reddish-white brain bits on your freshly pressed shirt? No? Yes? Just me? Okay. Uhmmm if you’re in the camp of those that think the mind is in the “heart” then send an email let’s argue, it’s been long since I ironed anybody (okay that sounds wrong).

The truth is I have had to deal with anxiety for the longest time. I don’t get jittery or have panic attacks, it’s the other way round. For example, if something bad happens, I’m usually the one to calm everyone down and make jokes. The reality is my insides are exploding like fireworks and it’ll feel like an inexorable speaker playing music from speed darlington was lodged in my ear. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be something big, a simple “how are you?” and the fireworks x speedy starts.

In this post, I’ll be talking about some types of food that can help you compartmentalize your mind so that everything isn’t muddled up. Let’s begin:

1. Coffee:

My coffee drinking started recently in quarantine. I like to enjoy mine iced in the morning/mid afternoon while journaling or reading a book. I know it sounds posh and all but it really helps. It’s not for the caffeine jolt because God forbid my tongue tastes anything bitter; there has to be plenty of milk and sugar, it’s because there is something calming and soothing about the smell and taste of coffee.

2. Cucumber:

I like to enjoy mine caveman style; no slicing of any kind, just wash and chow. This is something you can always find in my house. We have a special Hausa guy that delivers large green ones to us. Another thing I started doing recently is praying, so while forcefully munching on the cucumber, I’m firing prayers centering around God sifting the chaff from the wheat in my life and uprooting all my oppressors. This is a perfect way to kill four birds with one stone; you’re eating healthy, your munching is reducing facial fat, your mind will be at peace and your enemies will die. Win win if you ask me.

3. Yam:

When you think about the labour that goes into harvesting yam, you’ll wonder what the first person that discovered it was looking for, She probably thought “oh this is an ugly looking rock-like thing, I shall eat it and thou willest filleth me and my maiden”. Anyways eat yam with eggs or a sauce or with melted cheese like I do and watch your mind clear up. The unending chewing, pharynx expansion and water drinking will see to that. Anxiety who?

4. Chocolate:

My fellow nerds, remember in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that Professor Lupin would give Harry chocolate after any contact with a dementor. Well that’s pretty much how it is. I don’t really know how to explain how I feel when I eat chocolate, it’s probably the thrill you’d feel hypothetically if you had an orgasm at the top of the Eiffel Tower and you’re trying not shake so much so that you both don’t fall to your death. My favorite kind of chocolate is Twix, what’s yours? Don’t say bounty. Anyways chocolate is good, chocolate is great, chocolate is life, eat chocolate today.


Love & Light.


Some other types of food that missed the list because let’s be honest they’re not readily available (to me at least) are ice cream, wine, cranberry juice, pizza, clementines et al.


Leave a comment, what kind of food helps you relax?



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I discovered this song from the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ and I just loved the feeling of poise and grandeur I get when listening to it. Check it out. Do you enjoy classical music?



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Ha en flott helg!


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