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I visited the botanical gardens in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and I’ve decided to share with you guys how it went.

Nothing of value is free and so when you enter the gates, you are required to pay a gate fee of 100 naira which is roughly 26 cents. A young man with a calm demeanor received us.

There were several signs to help with navigating but most of them were overgrown with leaves.

Can you see the roses? Zoom in, yes the tiny red dots you see are the roses. I don’t know anything about when roses are meant to bloom but that sign was way too misleading. I was expecting to see roses because I’ve never seen a real rose.

The next section is a playground for children to have fun and relax. Most of the swings were bad and the environment was poorly managed. I wouldn’t advise you to bring your kids here unless you can administer tetanus shots like a pro.

If I had to play a weirdly shaped guitar and a drum all alone (forever) overlooking the most disgusting puddle of water I’d definitely go mad. I felt the struggle of the statue on a personal level. I named him Segun, he’s definitely a Segun.

A nursery is a place for growing plants before they are transplanted. The nursery in the botanical gardens looked like a haunted house. I was scared of going close before my innocent inquisitive self would become possessed by a plant demon.

The tiny house in the woods (Lol) you can see is the Restroom! Empty your bowels/bladders before coming except you’re up for some adventure.

There are several sitting areas to relax and just chill.

I had a mini food fest. It was a weird feeling munching bird meat while listening to the chirping of birds. I totally get why people are vegan.


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5. The Tall guys that all the girls want:

6. Blogger of the year:

In conclusion, I’d say it was a nice experience. It’s Nigeria, the nonchalant rich guy that you love but can’t live with. Attention is not paid to ecology, conservation and sustainable living. I hope things change in the future. If we don’t save the planet and take care of her, she’ll push us out and we that are called a “third world country” will have zero chance of surviving.

Love & Light.



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